Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Think your having a bad day? Check your pulse.

My day started as per usual. Get ready and into the office.
I get a call from a client.
She wishes to pay me for a monitor she ordered but is stuck at the mechanics.
 I offer to drive down, take her to the bank and she can kill a few hours here while her cars being fixed.
 All part of the service.
I go out, put the key in the car.. nothing. Dead flat.
I attempt a push start. No joy. I call a friend.
We use jumper leads with no result. Time to call NRMA road service.
My mate Chaff is on, and he gets me going with a jumper pack and some quick wiring repairs.
I go to Century Batteries in Carrai St to see Mr Brad Hooper.
The old battery seems to be knackered. A new one is fitted, $200 later Im away.
I meet the client and sort the payment.
Most of the day is gone by now so I decide subway is the lunch option.
I order and grab a drink.
I walk to the car, place the drink on the sidestep of my Hilux and unthinkingly open the door.
Drink goes all over my new trousers. Im soaked.
I place all Im holding in the footwell on the passenger side and close the door.
A decade in the security industry ensures I lock everything unconciously.
A good habit sometimes.
Worst part is, my keys and my lunch are now in the car without me.
So. I walk 2 k's home grab my spare set and walk back. Im in and away.
Slightly sticky, very hot and even more hungry.
I cant trust the subway after an hour or more in a hot car so it gets the bin.
Its a shit of a day but Im healthy and walking.
Sometimes its good for you to have a bad one, just to remind you to appreciate stuff.
Our lifestyle is so damn good I pinch myself mostly, so even a few little things like this can throw you off.
But its best to remember how much better we have it than most people.
A trip through South Africa taught us to appreciate everything. We've got it good.

The next day, I go out to move the car. I turn the key in the ignition.

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