Friday, August 11, 2017

Blackbird Flat Camp

Jordo and Pete invited me up to Blackbird flat for a beer or five.

Pete actually trusted me enough to let me ride his new WR450 Yamaha.

Silly boy. I wont tell him how I nearly flipped it at 80kmh.

I was genuinely impressed as to its handling and power delivery.

It certainly made my DR650 look slow. But most bikes do..

Below Five Day Creek Bridge

Five Day Creek

Saddled up and ready for gravel rash

30 minutes later I returned. At speed.

The sun prepares to leave us

This is living Barry.

Pete decides to crank Panterah and make devil horns

It was a bit quieter on Sunday when the boys left.

I went for an explore down the river

I found this nicely packed pile of rubbish some scumbags had left behind

People like this are why places are getting locked up

The only name I could find in all the rubbish.

Anyone know a Robyn Lester?

So I bagged it all up, and took it home

Some views of the Macleay River above Comara Station

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