Sunday, February 5, 2017

Toorumbee - Banda Trail - Eight Mile Creek

Sunday was hot. But Martyn Blake of Dualsport Australia is too silly to worry about that.

I met them at Toorumbee turnoff and we headed into Banda Trail.

Toorumbee is a good ride in itself.

Beautiful green rolling hills and valleys.


Banda Trail Turnoff.

We headed out through Eight Mile instead.


We found the tracks blocked with heaps of deadfall trees and not one of us had a saw. 

Marty and I ran out of water. It was over 45 degrees. 

I found a bottle of sports drink in a ditch and I didn't even care how long it had been there. 

Or what was in it. It saved us both. 

I think it must have fallen out of the dozer mechanics work truck.

We kicked on to the creek for a swim.

I went in boots and all and floated around on my camelbak. 

I left them at Willi Willi and headed home for some ice cold water. 

Thanks for the day Martyn Blake.

PS: I just packed my saw.

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