Sunday, February 5, 2017

Toorumbee - Banda Trail - Eight Mile Creek

Sunday was hot. But Martyn Blake of Dualsport Australia is too silly to worry about that.

I met them at Toorumbee turnoff and we headed into Banda Trail.

We found the tracks blocked with heaps of deadfall trees and not one of us had a saw. 

Marty and I ran out of water. It was over 45 degrees. 

I found a bottle of sports drink in a ditch and I didn't even care how long it had been there. 

Or what was in it. It saved us both. 

We kicked on to the creek for a swim.

I went in boots and all and floated around on my camelbak. 

I left them at Willi Willi and headed home for some ice cold water. 

Thanks for the day Martyn Blake.

PS: I just packed my saw.

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