Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Green Valley Farm ADV Congregation Ride

Green Valley Farm out of Tingha was the venue for an ADV Riders congregation.

Kim Kurray (DRZ400 round Oz) and Marty Blake (of Dualsport Australia fame) joined me for the ride.

We headed up the Armidale-Kempsey Road to Wollomombi.

We met Marty at Bellbrook and proceeded to Blackbird Flat.

A quick look to check out the camping area and off we go.

Marty lays in wait with his camera.

He is getting better with his shots.

Plenty of cattle on the Kempsey - Armidale Road.

Decent views east of Lower Creek

A quick stop at Georges Junction.

A exceptional camp ground.

I stopped at Scotties house adjacent to have a quick yak.

Marty looking back at Lower Creek.

Somehow Marty got past us by taking a sly sidetrack.

I was waiting for him and went back to check he wasn't off a cliff.

He was waiting at the top having a little rest.

We found a bottle shop.

Tingha Pub sold cheap red at a premium.

Here's Miles Davis of BMW Australia.

The day dawned crisp and damp.

Tom Foster of Adventure Rider magazine was there.

After checking out all the bikes, we wandered down to the museum.

Crumbs don't last long around here.

The playground was something special.

Play at own risk.

Like the old days.

Miles Davis marketing manager for BMW Australia showed us some riding tips.

Dave Ramsay of Ramdog Adventures discusses TF125 reliability.

Dave Ramsay and I went off to Moordun Ponds to check the creek level.

Then Kim and John decided on an exploration ride.

Marty Blake in deep discussion

Leaving day brought much rain.

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