Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kilprotay Ride

Trevor and Adam were keen to do Kilprotay Trail.

As I've done it several times I was asked to lead them through.

The conditions were good luckily, as Kilprotay is a nightmare in the wet.

But as trails go, it's in my top ten for its leafy loamy rollercoasters and snotty hills.

Adam describes how he kept it pinned while falling off

They've put a machine through here recently. Best its looked in ages.

I don't have a saw big enough for that one.

Trev does some bush bashing.

Trev overshot the corner and ended up in the scrub.. again.

Some running repairs on the Berg. No brake pressure at the lever.

Big Yella in its natural environment.

This is where we climbed over that massive landslide last time.

Too early to stop yet. We will do Postmans Trail and cross Five Day Creek.

The creek was easy today. It's been deeper the past few times I've done it.

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