Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas in Boonanghi State Forest

We hadn't organised a trail ride for the last few weeks, 
so found a gap in our busy pre Christmas schedule to get out in the scrub.

I was held up slightly on the way to Kingys for obvious reasons.

We had five bikes ready by 2pm so out through Sherwood we go.

A quick motard run up into Dungay Creek saw wheelies form corner to corner,
and a bit of boot scraping.

First water stop by Bullock Trail and we heard a bike approaching.
It was Eric on his KTM690. Better late than never.

The little creek we were so used to seeing had turned into a torrent overnight.
Kingy said "bugger that, we will never get over it".

I was full of lime cordial and game for anything, so I had a go.
I did pretty well until I hit a deep hole.

On the way back around the loop, I hit an erosion mound with far to much speed.
Eric had a front row seat when I flew through the air in a massive flying "W"
The DR and I landed front wheel down with the brakes full on as I speared into the bush.
He seemed very impressed by the size of his eyeballs as he rode past.

My rear tyre seemed to be losing air, so me and Scrappy took the short route home. Scrap seems to be gaining speed as every time I looked around there he was.

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