Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mingoola "Ruptured Budgie" Moto Guzzi Rally

Simon informed me that the "Ruptured Budgie Rally" was coming up mid May.

I put the weekend in my calendar and started packing kit.

I met Bob on his Triumph at sunrise and we travelled up to Macksville to meet Simon.

It was a crisp, clear day and perfect for riding.

We soon passed Bellingen and headed up the Waterfall Way to Dorrigo.

Simon and Bob set a cracking pace as they usually do.

It's double yellow lines most of the way, and I got slowed behind a truck and car.

I had noted a little black car behind me, but I couldnt see it in my mirrors and with a quick head check.

I was still in the double yellows at this point and preparing to overtake when they broke.

I'd been indicating a pass before this and moved right to over take.

Imagine my surprise when the black mitsubishi overtook me, the truck and the car as well.

The car continued up the road at a great rate, using the whole road and fuck the double lines.

He got stuck at a roadworks and I rode up and enquired why he had attempted to kill me.

He stated that "He had plenty of room" to overtake us all in one hit.

I questioned his logic, poor manners and parentage as well as the fact that he'd started his overtaking manuever well before the broken lines.

My next question was if he intended to attempt to kill me once more once I left in front of him.

No was the answer.

Autumn is colouring the leaves up here in Dorrigo.

The blue sky made an azure backdrop for the leaves.

North of Dorrigo we turned onto the Armidale Tyrimgham Road.

Its narrow, windy and rugged.

I thought to myself, beauty. Simon and Bob might slow down a little now.


Being as they are slaves to the nicotine, it only takes half a smoke and Im there anyway.

Arriving in Grafton, it was time for lunch.

We found a little organic Cafe called Alchemy with a jazz band playing.

The food was great and the tunes groovy. Highly recommended

 We headed west on the Gwydir Highway into the Gibraltar Range.

Some nice views from up here.

This bloke on the DR650 happily cruised along with us at 140kmh.

It wasnt working to hard at it either.

 We fueled at Glen Innes, and bought some beer at Tenterfield.

The last stretch of the Bruxner Highway was knocked over in short order.

The rally site was situated slapbang on the NSW-Queensland border in the Dumaresq Riverbed.

 We rode through the site until we found the Nevilles.

 Simons dad is a proud member of the Nevillution.

 There were some nices machines to be observed.

Once the tents where up, we proceeded to the good part.

I won an engraved bottle of Stones Mac in the high card draw, and promptly passed it around.

Then we did a walkaround and checked out the bikes.

This M2 Buell is the same as the one I took round Tassie last October.

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