Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mount Kaputar

I pulled into the Bark Hut Camping ground on Mount Kaputar fairly late. 

Camp was set up quick and simple and I put some tea on. 

It was getting a bit nippy and the wind was up. 

Amazingly I found a hot shower facility and scrubbed myself squeaky clean. 

Then cooked up some silverside with plenty of veges. 

A beer or two with a couple of Scotch chasers made for a good sleep. 

Up early for a tour of the lookouts.

This is Euglah Rock

The Governor. An eroded trachyte plug.

I'll come back and do the Barraba Track one day.

Hopefully on the bike.

Bit of a map for you.

Bark Hut Campground.

Mum and a little one come in to say g'day.

This cheeky magpie robbed my frying pan.

The temps dropped severely during the night, but I was still comfortable.

Luckily I had two quilts to sleep under.

Walkway to the summit.

The towers at the top make your fillings hum.

I won't stay here too long.

Then down the road to Tamworth.

Kaputar is a great destination. 

Check it out soon.

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